Lead Abatement Training


The Lead Abatement Supervisor initial course is an EPA/State of Michigan accredited course which is required for contractors who wish to oversee lead abatement activities in “target housing” (pre-1978 dwellings) or “child occupied facilities” within the State of Michigan.

This four-day course teaches the fundamentals of performing lead abatement activities, as well as detailed requirements for designing and managing lead abatement projects.

Course topics include:

  • characteristics and uses of lead-based paint
  • lead’s health effects on adults and children
  • lead removal and containment methods
  • proper lead-safe cleaning following abatement projects
  • personnel protective equipment & respirator use
  • proper waste disposal
  • legal liabilities
  • insurance requirements
  • contract specifications
  • OSHA & EPA compliance documentation
  • environmental supervision and management techniques

Upon completion of this course, attendees must submit certificate and fees to the State of Michigan to obtain their State certification as lead abatement supervisors, and pass a third party (State) certification exam. Further, applicants must also be able to document either a) one year experience as a Lead Abatement Worker or b) two years experience in a related field (lead, asbestos, environmental remediation, or building trades), in addition to successful completion of high school or equivalent. Finally, Michigan law requires a licensed Lead Abatement Supervisor to be present at all times during the performance of lead hazard controls. 

Please Note: As per the Michigan Lead Abatement Act, contractors and their employees who engage in the control of lead hazards in target housing and child-occupied facilities must first become a licensed lead abatement worker or supervisor, and work for a licensed lead abatement contractor (company). Further, this same act requires that these certifications be renewed every 3 years.

For additional questions you can contact Lorena at LMarquez@grcc.edu or 616-234-2542.

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Course: CECT 168-00
Term: 1433
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 20874
Instructor(s): Alan Hill
Location: Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC Rm TBD, 622 Godfrey SW, GR MI 49503
Dates: Aug. 9 - 12, 2021 (Mon. - Thu., 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)
Units: Non-Credit
Contact Hours: 34.0 Contact Hours
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