Standardized Work & Auditing


"A foundational principle of Lean/Continuous Improvement is setting standards aimed at eliminating waste through participation of all employees." Participants will work on the importance of consistent job instructions, their methodology, quality control and standard work. "Visual Factory" systems and the interactive use of visual controls using a simulation will show the balance of maximizing pictures and minimizing words. Standardized Work is developed using four basic steps: Document (data and observation), Train, Sustain (Audit), Improve (P-D-C-A).

Major Impact:
  • Attain a consistent result
  • Drive continuous improvement

  • Explain how common documentation is useful
  • Describe advantages of a common standard work methodology
  • Demonstrate why its not "Who" but "Why" process problems occur
  • Describe an implementation game plan to realize results on The Plant Floor and in The Office of implementing standard work
  • Demonstrate the power of Visual Controls
  • Describe how to effectively apply auditing to sustain improvements

  • Basic understanding of value stream mapping and terms
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