Lean Champion Certification Program


Lean Enterprise isn't just about the tools. It's a strategic link to your business plan. In this program you will learn to develop and use your organizations value stream map to identify and drive your improvements. Critical to learning the principles and various tools, is applying them to your current work. By successfully completing a lean implementation (or value stream) project of your choice from your company, you will yield ROI from this program immediately.

Why Choose Our Lean Champion Program?

Committing to the Lean Champion Certification Program requires more than just signing up for the class. Our program requires management commitment; sponsors from upper management are involved in reviewing the project component of the program. Early in the program, the champion and sponsor initiate and follow a lean project process for real improvement in your operation. Because this is a local program, you save the costs of travel and lodging; and through the improvement project, there is the possibility of realized gains. Training effectiveness is measured in three ways: in-class assessment for knowledge, homework assigned for application, and your customized project for implementation.

How the Program Works

Your Lean Champion will earn a certification after completing 19 classes and a viable Lean Implementation Project for your organization. Your champion must achieve an 80% competency score in each class and complete homework assignments.

This course is not currently scheduled. Please email us at workforcetraining@grcc.edu for information about the next offering or if you are a business looking for customized training.