Workplace Organization & Visual Management


Workplace Organization and Visual Management is the foundation of Lean Manufacturing. It is a step-by-step methodology that creates a clean, highly organized, waste free workplace, by eliminating the disorganization and chaos that keeps people from doing their work properly. It infuses the workplace with information critical to the efficient execution of day-to-day operations. It assists in establishing a culture of change and developing a motivated, disciplined, and empowered workforce, while setting the stage for future improvement activities.

  • Explain the eight waste
  • Explain the 5s process and how each step expose and/or reduce each waste
  • Prepare to introduce 5s at your organization
  • Describe the use of scoreboards, measurements, standard work and A3 problem solving to identify and eliminate waste
  • Describe (ultimately create) an environment to support gemba using daily management systems
  • Apply Workplace org and visual management at your company
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