ISO 9001 Champion Certification


This course includes two modules that will prepare the participant to effectively introduce, implement, and successfully maintain an ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Module One: Become an expert on the content and intent of the ISO9001 Standard. The requirements of the Standard will be presented in a manner to assist in understanding the intent and letter of the law. Options for implementation of systems to meet the requirements will be presented. Participants will learn through hands on exercises and group activities. It is imperative that the ISO Champion is very comfortable with the format, content, and intent of ISO9001.

Module Two: How to effectively manage a ISO9001 implementation project. Managing a multi-task project with the management and employee team is a major task. Establishing a firm implementation schedule and managing the completion of work and project status is an important part of the effective completion of the project. This module teaches how to manage the project, keep it moving toward completion, and ensure timeline and improvement goals are met.

As a result of the class, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the requirements of ISO9001 and how the requirements apply to their business
  • Explain requirements to managers to ensure their understanding of the intent and specific requirement
  • Determine the work that needs to be completed to be compliant to ISO9001
  • Assign specific tasks to process owners and ensure their understanding of expected outcome of completed tasks
  • Monitor and effectively track the completion of the project and level of compliance to ISO9001
  • Be an effective ISO9001 Project Champion

Requirements for Successful Completion
  • Attendance (100%)
  • Successful participation in class exercises
  • 70% or above on the course test
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