Fundamentals of MIG Welding / Gas Metal Arc Welding


This course will introduce the student to the theory and operation of MIG welding (GMAW). The class will cover proper assembly of the equipment used, safety, proper welding procedures and techniques used in welding steel. Basic troubleshooting, consumables, shielding gases, and maintenance will also be covered.

The topics may not be covered in the order listed. The Lecture/Lab combinations consist of both classroom and group discussions during lab demonstrations. Lab time is designed for individual practice and will include demonstrations and coaching. Since the lab projects are done at an individual pace, some students will progress further than others.

Dress attire: long pants, work shirt, closed toe leather shoes or boots.
Students need to provide: Safety glasses and welding gloves.
School will provide: welding helmet and leather jackets.
*Students may bring their own welding helmets or jackets.


Be able to move freely around the shop, be able to bend over and lift 10lb, stand for long periods, have hand eye coordination, and be able to pay attention to detail.

Learner outcomes:

Understand Shop Safety and Personal Protective Equipment related to GMAW welding.
Be able to set up a GMAW power source.
Be able to GMAW weld on steel the various joints in various positions.
Understand the variables used in setting up GMAW.
Be able to identify common weld defects.

Requirements for Successful Completion:

Attend 80% of the class.
Be able to set up the power source for GMAW.
Be able to produce an acceptable weld to the AWS standards using GMAW on steel in the lab, tee, and butt joints in the Flat, Horizontal, and vertical down positions.
The ability to work safety in the shop.
Be able to identify common weld defects.

Tuition Assistance

Participants taking this course with a manufacturing focus, have the opportunity to have 60% of the course cost paid for by the One Workforce Grant. For more information please contact Arika Davis at or 616-234-3609.
This course is not currently scheduled. Please email us at for information about the next offering or if you are a business looking for customized training.