People Side of Lean, Daily Management & Coaching


The People Side of Lean Transformations guides the lean practitioner/ leader through the process of developing the commitment and enthusiasm during a lean transformation. Establishing and communicating the clear and compelling need to change, what to change to, and how to change together are covered in detail. Participants will learn to identify and improve the Critical To Quality (CTQ) human/ leader behaviors for a successful Lean Transformation. Participants will learn that the tools of lean are not effective without the commitment of the people. Participants will learn several simple techniques to maintain the momentum, and why many learn efforts fail.

One of these is Daily Management which is standard work for managers and supervisors including the link to scoreboards & auditing.

  • Answer the key organizational questions of: Why do we need to change? (Competitive reality)What do we change to? (Vision) and How do we change together? (Process or Policy Deployment)
  • Describe the benefit of a motivated, informed, and educated workforce
  • Effectively deal with resistance and pessimism during a Lean Transformation
  • Identify and improve Critical To Quality (CTQ) human/ leader behaviors in a Lean Transformation
  • Use Key Metric Scoreboards to analyze, monitor and motivate work groups and/ or organizations
  • Describe the delivery of a quick & effective team building exercise for their work group
  • Explain what Daily Management is, how it is linked to scoreboards & auditing, and the critical steps of implementation
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