Basic Turning / Engine Lathe


This class covers the components and tools used in basic turning operations. The class focuses on set up and operations of the Engine Lathe machining. Students will use GRCC lab to machine projects to hone their newly acquired skills. Each day of class will consist of 1 hour of lecture and 3 hours of lab time.

Course Outcomes:

Identify different type of lathes including:
  • Engine lathe
  • Vertical lathe
  • Turret lathe
Identify major lathe components, attachments and accessories, including:
  • Headstock
  • Spindle
  • Quickchange gear box
  • Bed
  • Carriage
  • Cross feed
  • Compound rest
  • Tail stock
Identify size according to swing, bed length and distance between centers

Grind HSS tool bits for threading, roughing, finishing and form cutting

Mount three and four jaw chucks

Align workpiece in independent 4 jaw chuck

Align tailstock

Select and identify appropriate tool holders

Calculate and select proper speeds and feeds

Perform facing and linear turning operations

Perform center drilling, drilling and tapping operations

Machine tapers using taper attachment

Perform knurling operations

Bore to specified diameters and depths

Perform form cutting and grooving operations

Perform single point extremely threading operations

Requirements to complete the class:

Students must demonstrate skills by completing project work.


Andy Beach has been a leader in the manufacturing industry for 20 years from owning a CNC shop, starting and managing a manufacturing team in a multi-million-dollar company, working as an Applications Engineer for a top machine sales company and a senior CNC machinist and programmer. Andy has an associate degree from Ferris State University in Manufacturing Tooling Technology. Currently he owns a consulting business where he provides instruction both in Industry and at GRCC.

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