GRCC Blackjack Academy


The Blackjack Academy’s objective is to produce a confident and proficient dealer in all procedures of Blackjack in an entry-level position.

This Blackjack program begins with the rules and objectives of the game. Next, handling of cheques, cash, and cards, delivery of the cards, and position of the dealer's body are taught. Through hands-on training, the student learns to deal Blackjack with a shoe (a device used to hold multiple decks). Finally, multi-hand procedures, splitting pairs, doubling down, Blackjack payoffs, insurance, protection of the game, dealer relief, audition procedures. The student is also given competency quizzes to gauge their knowledge.

At the successful completion of this program students will be able to:
  • Apply the rules and regulations of the game of blackjack.
  • Demonstrate a heightened level of physical and professional dexterity relating to the skills of becoming a casino blackjack dealer, including shuffling, dealing hands, managing wagers, etc.
  • Competently adhere to the requirements and standards set for a professional casino dealer.

Requirements for Successful Completion:
  • 100% attendance is required for this course
  • Individuals will have to pass an active competency based test

Program Entry requirements:
  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Successfully pass a basic math test at GRCC or have a Silver level National Career Readiness Certificate.
  • The gaming commission has restrictions on individuals with criminal backgrounds. Please make an appointment with an educational training specialist if you have questions about those.*
  • The pre-employment process also requires the ability to drug/alcohol test.

Dress Code:
  • Casual Attire, no open toe shoes of any kind
  • No torn clothing
  • No T-shirts with inappropriate wording or logos
  • No tank tops

  • No long finger nails
  • No visible body piercings, including tongue piercings
  • No ear gauges
  • No visible, offensive or derogatory tattoos

Students are guaranteed an INTERVIEW with Gun Lake Casino after successful completion.

*Every person employed by Gun Lake Casino is required to obtain and maintain a Gaming License.
*Please note that each applicant's gaming license eligibility is decided on a case by case basis. Employment with Gun Lake Casino is contingent upon the Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission granting the applicant a gaming license.

This course is not currently scheduled. Please email us at for information about the next offering or if you are a business looking for customized training.