Foundational Leadership


This course offers the following topics:

Class 1 (1.5 hours):
  • Understand the privilege of leadership and the power of influence with your role.
  • Identify factors that impact employee engagement.
  • Effectively communicate work assignments.
Class 2 (1.5 hours):
  • Positively influence your team with effective communication.
  • Recall the three elements of communication.
  • Explore your communication habits
Class 3 (1.5 hours):
  • Apply the concepts of active listening
  • Learn how to respond with empathy
  • Explore opportunities to improve
Class 4 (1.5 hours):
  • Explore the differences between one-way and two-way communication.
  • Identify when and how feedback should be delivered to employees.
  • Deliver feedback in a way that leaves employees motivated to change.
  • Assess your effectiveness in providing feedback
Class 5 (1.5 hours):
  • Managing Performance
    • Learn how to document employee behavior and actions
    • Tips for writing corrective action documentation
    • Guidelines for delivering performance reviews

    *Please be prepared to join this interactive course with both video and audio.*
This course is not currently scheduled. Please email us at for information about the next offering or if you are a business looking for customized training.