Phlebotomy Skills for Healthcare


Train now for a job in the high demand position as a Phlebotomist!

Phlebotomy is found in a variety of settings such as hospitals, outpatient labs, donation centers, and blood banks. A phlebotomist is an individual trained to draw blood, either for laboratory tests or blood donations. A phlebotomist obtains high-quality specimens and is a valued member of the health care team.

In this 10-week / 50 contact hour course including didactic and clinical skills laboratories, students will learn the knowledge, skills and attitude required to be a phlebotomist. This course provides classroom instruction as well as live draw practice. Participants will draw blood from each other.

The focus is on five integral components centered on the collection and transportation of laboratory specimens: knowledge, technical skills, decision making, documentation, and training responsibilities. The course also includes: human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, customer service skills, legal and ethical issues, and hands-on venipuncture. There will be practice on mannequins and live draws weekly. Interpersonal skills to make a client feel at ease are an integral part of the program.

Graduates of the course will receive a certificate of successful completion from GRCC.

GRCC does not provide an internship/externship nor any national certification exam. The student may pursue both independently of GRCC.

You must be 18 years old to enter this program.

Built with the input of area employers, this 10-week course teaches the skill of Phlebotomy. It presents core framework in the knowledge and skill required to perform phlebotomy according to national and state standards. The course includes live draw practice. Graduates of this program receive a GRCC Certificate of Successful Completion. This course does not include an internship or result in a national certification at the direction of area employers.

Students are allowed only two excused absences in the course and will be expected to make up any quizzes, tests, or exams before or during the next class period. Some classes have mandatory attendance requirements and you will be informed of those classes. Students with more than two absences will not receive a passing grade.

Students are required to earn an average grade of 80% or higher on quizzes, tests, and exams and complete the required number of successful draws in order to pass the course.

Employer standards will be followed in the classroom. No low cut shirts or shirts with writing on them, no visible midriff or underwear, no tattered pants, no shorts, no skirts above the knee, no open-toe shoes, no visible tattoos, and no piercings (with the exception of one small piercing in the ear lobe) will be allowed in class. Socks and closed-toe shoes are requirements. Hair must be tied back if shoulder length or longer. Non-conventional hair styles and colors are discouraged. Artificial nails, nails longer than the end of the finger, and chipped nail polish are prohibited. If nail polish is worn, it should be clear. Cell phones and pagers must be non-intrusive to the classroom experience and per instructor policy. Each violation will count as one point against the student.

Students are expected to be ready to begin at the designated class start time and be awake, alert, and ready to learn. Each late arrival or late assignment submission will count as one point against the student. Incomplete assignments, failure to notify the instructor of an absence, disrespectful attitudes, and inappropriate use of equipment or technology will also count as one point against the student. Students who accumulate three points will be excused from the course and will not receive a refund.

For students who may have allergies, please note that a history of chemical/latex or other sensitivities and/or allergies, which occur in the work or clinical environment is a potentially life-threatening situation and may limit or prohibit your ability to complete the clinical requirements of the program.

This course is not currently scheduled. Please email us at for information about the next offering or if you are a business looking for customized training.