Lean Manufacturing


This workshop exposes participants to many lean concepts that may be in place in your production system. Waste activities, discussion, and a simulation relate issues within your organization to lean tools and solutions. Included in the discussion are explanations and examples of 5S, standard work, quick changeover, mistake proofing, total productive maintenance, kanban and kaizen.

Course Outcomes:
  • Identify examples of waste within your organization
  • Match appropriate lean tools to waste examples
  • Participate in a lean simulation highlighting financial impact of process changes
Describe lean tools, including:
  • Workplace Organization and Visual Management
  • Standard work
  • Quick changeover
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Pull system
  • Line/work balance and one-piece or small batch flow
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Course: CEMF 108-00
Term: 1433
Section Number: 2
Schedule Number: 21051
Instructor(s): Sara Yob
Location: GRCC Lakeshore Campus, 12355 James St Holland, MI 49424
Dates: May 4, 2022 (Wed., 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.)
Units: Non-Credit
Contact Hours: 4.0 Contact Hours
Seats Remaining: 20
Required Fees: Price