Statistical Process Control Automotive Industry / SPC


An introductory course covering topics relating to the usage of SPC in the automotive industry based on the AIAG SPC manual.

Topics covers in this class include:
  • Understanding normal distribution
  • Causes of Variation
  • X bar and R charts
  • Causes of out-of-control conditions
  • Process and equipment capability indices (Cp, Cpk, Pp, and Ppk)

Course Outcomes
  • Understand statistical process control in the automotive industry environment
  • Learn the necessary skills to develop and maintain SPC on a day to day basis
  • Learn the application of capability induces into product launch and product manufacturing
  • Identify out of control instances and take the appropriate steps to minimize instances of non-conforming products
  • Understand what is necessary related to SPC in submitting PPAPs and handling IATF16949 audits
This course is not currently scheduled. Please email us at for information about the next offering or if you are a business looking for customized training.