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APQP / Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan


With APQP, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) provides a detailed description and a structured method to define and establish the steps needed to assure customer satisfaction with production parts. Discussion and activities covering this aspect of the workshop give participants a life cycle view of what activities should be planned and implemented during each of the five phases of product quality planning. Common tools to manage the APQP effort are also included.

Control Plans provide your customer a structured summary of the systems used to minimize variation of product and process characteristics. The methodology is covered in detail in the workshop. Your team will develop a control plan using a simple manufactured part and documentation.

Course Outcomes:

  • Complete a control plan using a simple part/print

  • Describe the purpose and fundamentals of APQP and CP

  • Identify the activities and deliverables associated with the 5 phases of product realization

  • Recognize APQP 2nd Edition as a quality planning reference manual

  • Course Section
    Course: CEQU 105-00
    Term: 1353
    Section Number: 2
    Schedule Number: 18136
    Instructor(s): Sara Yob
    Location: Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC, 622 Godfrey SW, GR MI 49503
    Dates: June 6, 2018 (Wed., 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)
    Units: Non-Credit
    Seats Remaining: 19
    Notes: Lunch provided
    Required Fees:
           Registration $180.00

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