WorkKeys - Para Professional Bundle


Parapro - WorkKeys Assessments: This is a national testing program that has been tailored to meet Michigan's standards for paraprofessionals. The components are: Applied Mathematics, Writing, and Reading for information.

The Following are the minimum level scores you must achieve in order to be comply with the Michigan Parapro standards:

  • Reading for Information: Level 4
  • Applied Mathematics: Level 4
  • Writing: Level 3

  • The following are brief descriptions of the three WorkKeys Assessments associated with the Para Professional Assessments

    Applied Math:
    This assessment measures the skill people use when they apply mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques to work-related problems. The test questions require the examinee to set up and solve the types of problems and do the types of calculations that actually occur in the workplace. This test is designed to be taken with a calculator. A formula sheet that includes all formulas required for the assessment is provided. While individuals may use calculators and conversion tables to help with the problems, they still need to use math skills to think them through.

    This assessment contains 33 questions and will be a computer based and timed assessment. You will have 55 minutes to complete the Applied Mathematics assessment.

    Reading for Information:
    The WorkKeys Reading for Information test measures the skill people use when they read and use written text in order to do a job. The written texts include memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies, and regulations. It is often the case that workplace communications are not necessarily well-written or targeted to the appropriate audience. Reading for Information materials do not include information that is presented graphically, such as in charts, forms, or blueprints.

    This assessment contains 33 questions and will be a computer based and timed assessment. You will have 55 minutes to complete the Reading for Information assessment.

    The Writing portion of the WorkKeys Listening and Writing test measures the skill individuals use when they write messages that relay workplace information between people.

    The test is administered in audio format that contains all directions and messages. Examinees are asked to listen to the audio taped messages and then write messages or summaries based on the information they hear. Examinees are placed in the role of employees who receive information from customers, co-workers, or suppliers and must then write down the information to communicate it to someone else.

    The taped messages reflect various workplace settings, but no prior knowledge of the occupations is necessary. The messages are delivered by both male and female speakers of differing ages and with various accents. Each message is given twice, and examinees are encouraged to take notes. After a message is given the second time, examinees have a specified amount of time to write before the next message is given. Examinees are given 40 minutes to complete six responses; they may return to work on previous responses at any time during the test.

    Initially, the messages contain about six pieces of information given by one speaker; by the end of the assessment, messages are given by two speakers and contain approximately seventeen pieces of information. As the assessment progresses and the messages grow longer and more complex, the time allotted to write the messages increases from two minutes to six minutes.

    This assessment will be given in the paper / pencil format, with an audio component.

    Please plan on an additional 10 to 15 minutes to complete the demographical and tutorial information in association with the Para Professional / WorkKeys Assessments. A 10 minute break provided after the first and second assessments are completed.

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